Welcome to the Artemis Collection!

The Artemis Collection is a website dedicated to my private collection of ancient coins. I combine my interests in photography, electronics, coding, and ancient coins to create novel and interesting ways to display my collection. I created this website in February 2021 and have been improving it ever since. More features are planned and will be coming, as are such much needed upgrades to some of the existing pages.

Feel free to contact me using the form here if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions.

Head to the Coin Cabinet to see high resolution photos of coins either currently or formerly in my collection. If you want to study the coins up-close, then find your way to the Showcase section where you can find the Ultra Zoom tool. The 360° Photos page shows how some of these coins would look in-hand by providing a 360° view that you can control. You will also find articles I have written about several of my coins that either focus on the history behind the coin, or the coin itself.

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The Coin Map is an interactive map that plots coins from my collection according to the mint they were struck at. Click on a mint from the side-bar to view coins that were struck there and to navigate to that mint on the map. You can also scroll through the other coins struck at the same mint and filter the view by period.

A focus of my collection are the coins of Alexander the Great and I have built a map that plots the location of the mints which produced his coinage. Use the filters to limit the map to those mints which produced certain types or quantities of coinage or click on the mints directly to learn more about their output.

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If you want to find an easier way to navigate my collection, you can Search the Collection and interact with the filters by any number of attributes about the coin, such as authority, mint, year, denomination, and more. This is the best place to go if you’re looking for a specific coin from my current or former collection. Under the Data & Statistics section, you will also find various charts analysing the characteristics of my coins, such as their weight or diameter. The Coin Timeline chart displays a chronological view of my collection and a representation of the uncertainty in exactly when each coin was thought to have been minted.

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Lastly, if you’re looking for information on how I photograph my coins, or tips and guides on how to take better coin photos yourself, then the Photography section is what you are looking for. I have written guides on taking coin photos on a budget, how I photograph my coins, and the custom-built setup I use.

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New Additions to the Coin Cabinet