is a home for my personal collection of ancient Greek and Roman coins. Like most readers of this site, the collection and study of ancient coins is only a hobby for me. Any research presented here is merely an expression of ideas and opinions that I’ve put together as an armchair academic, I’m not an expert by any means but I do my best to cite those who are.

This website is also a platform, or perhaps more accurately an excuse, to combine several of my other hobbies with ancient coins. You’ll find several pages dedicated to macro photography and how I photograph my coins, which has always been an important aspect of my collecting journey. Similarly with ancient coins, I’m not a professional photographer either so the information here that relates to photography is merely born from trial and error and reflects my own experiences. The combination of ancients coins, photography, and some light dabbling in electronics and coding is


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    Coins are not generally for sale, though if there is one you must have feel free to reach out with an offer and I may accept or kindly turn it down. 

    The logo for was drawn by Classical Numismatics and is used with permission. Be sure to check out his YouTube channel here where he provides great insights into ancient coins alongside more of his beautiful drawings.

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