Navigate the map below to see where each coin from the collection was minted. As multiple coins may be minted in the same city, you can use the  menu on the left of the map to select a specific mint to see the individual coins struck there and then select one of those coins to fly to it on the map.

In some cases the location a coin was minted is not known precisely, e.g. coins struck in “military mints” while an army was on the move. These coins will not appear on the map.

Use the date filter in the top right corner of the map to filter the coins by the century in which they were struck.

Moving around the map: left click and drag with your mouse
Rotate: right click with your mouse and rotate
Zoom in/out on an area: hold shift and while left clicking with your mouse select an area on map
Zoom in/out on the cursor: mouse scroll wheel
View 3D terrain: right click and move your mouse forwards or backwards, or hold Ctrl/command on your keyboard and move your mouse